Our Water

Aquation is concerned about the elevated fluoride levels in most municipal water supplies, so we went back to nature to find the best water for our customers. Aquation is bottled at the source, Nantze Springs in Arlington, GA. This ancient, natural spring water bubbles up from one of America’s largest and most protected aquifer systems. This aquifer acts as an emergency water supply for the United States and therefore is highly regulated and constantly tested by the EPA to ensure its quality. After the water is extracted from the spring, it goes directly through a rigorous and advanced filtration and purification process, which includes sediment, carbon and reverse osmosis filtration. The average municipal water supply has a Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) count of about 150. The TDS of Aquation’s ultra-purified spring water ranges between 5 and 7 TDS before adding our proprietary oral health blend. After stabilizing our formula, the TDS is between 200 and 220. 
Aquation also has a healthy pH of 7.8 to 8.0 at the time of bottling.  This pH incorporates well into alkaline diets and other wellness programs. 
Clean water and fresh taste will always be the status quo at Aquation.
Aquation’s spring source is included in the list of bottled waters without fluoride for 2012.  
Learn more about the potentially harmful effects of fluoride at The Fluoride Action Network’s website: